You have ? ETH, ? WETH, ? KIF in MetaMask

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Suggestions for newcomers:
  • Buy KIF from Uniswap. KIF is the governance token of Kitten.Finance with fixed 42K supply.
  • Stake KIF in pool 101 to generate kBASEv0. kBASEv0 is an elastic supply token and the base ccy of Kitten.Finance ecosystem.
  • Stake kBASEv0 in pool 203 to generate DEX. DEX is the incentive token of AlphaDex with fixed 420K supply.
  • Stake DEX in pool 205 for future usage on AlphaDex. AlphaDex works with KittenSwap to form the Kitten.Finance ecosystem.
KittenFinance is a serious project. I am focusing on KittenSwap and AlphaDex at the moment, which are built from scratch with innovations.

When you stake kBASEv0 into pool 203, it will be automatically converted to NORM-kB, which is "the amount of kBASEv0 you will have if the total supply of kBASEv0 is 1M", and hence unaffected by rebases. And the amount of NORM-kB is smaller than the amount of kBASEv0, because currently the total supply of kBASEv0 is larger than 1M. When you unstake NORM-kB, it will be automatically converted back to kBASEv0.

An example: [assume kbase total supply = 3M] => [you deposit 3K kbase, and becomes 1K normkb] => [kbase rebased to 4M total supply, and normkb is unaffected] => [however if you unstake 1K normkb now, it becomes 4K kbase]. Hence your kbase is rebased correctly.