Advancing DeFi. is building decentralized exchanges and clearing services for cryptoassets and derivatives, from options and swaps, to bonds and forwards. aims to provide the full volatility surface and yield curve for all smart contracts and DApps.

You have ? ETH, ? WETH, ? KIF in MetaMask

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Suggestions for newcomers:
  • Buy KIF from Uniswap. KIF is the governance token of Kitten.Finance with fixed 42K supply.
  • Stake KIF in pool 101 to generate kBASEv0. kBASEv0 is an elastic supply token and the base ccy of Kitten.Finance ecosystem.
  • Stake kBASEv0 in pool 203 to generate DEX. DEX is the incentive token of AlphaDex with fixed 420K supply.
  • Stake DEX in pool 205 for future usage on AlphaDex. AlphaDex works with KittenSwap to form the Kitten.Finance ecosystem.
The two pillars of the Kitten.Finance ecosystem are AlphaDex and KittenSwap. They complement each other.

When you stake kBASEv0 into pool 203, it will be automatically converted to NORM-kB, which is "the amount of kBASEv0 you will have if the total supply of kBASEv0 is 1M", and hence unaffected by rebases. And the amount of NORM-kB is smaller than the amount of kBASEv0, because currently the total supply of kBASEv0 is larger than 1M. When you unstake NORM-kB, it will be automatically converted back to kBASEv0.

An example: [assume kbase total supply = 3M] => [you deposit 3K kbase, and becomes 1K normkb] => [kbase rebased to 4M total supply, and normkb is unaffected] => [however if you unstake 1K normkb now, it becomes 4K kbase]. Hence your kbase is rebased correctly.